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In today’s time, the youth of the country, even after studying a lot, is roaming around as unemployed, many youths of the country are wandering in search of jobs. But due to huge competition, lack of cost capital in business, and lack of business knowledge and not having the right business idea, they are not able to start their own business.

Automobile Repair

In today’s time, be it the prices of increasing vehicles or rising petrol prices, the sale of motorcycles, scooties, four wheelers is also increasing continuously. Two wheelers, cars etc. are needed in every household.

Two or three vehicles will definitely be available in every house, repairing work has increased a lot in it, you too can earn well by doing automobile repairing work. Or cities can be successful by doing this bussiness easily.

What is the Cost Of Auto Mobile Repair Business

This is such a business, in this you only need 15 to 20 thousand rupees.

You can start your work by investing this much cost. To start this business, you need a small shop on cheap rent near the road. And you have to buy the necessary tools for car repair, these tools are always useful for you. If you do not know the work of car repair, then to learn it, you will have to learn this work by staying with a good repairman.

Where to take Automobile Repair Training

You can easily take its training at your nearest center under Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Kaushal Vikas Yojana. Many sari companies also provide free training. You can also take training from there by taking their information.

  • Automobile Repair Tools
  • Impact wrench
  • Air ratchet
  • Flex-head ratchet
  • Impact wrench
  • Air ratchet
  • Flex-head ratchet
  • Automotive stethoscope
  • Extension bar Etc.

Apart from the tools in your shop, you will also have to take an air compressor. Now you are ready to run your automobile repairing shop. You can contract with any auto parts shop, from which you will get the car repair parts on need, do not buy parts in the beginning Stick to contract only with the parts shop so you won’t have to incur extra costs

Automobile Repair Success Mantra

If you will do repair work with your good behavior and work efficiency, then soon you will have an increase in the number of customers and your income will increase greatly, your business is successful only due to honesty and customer satisfaction

How to Promote Automobile Repair Business

The promotion of this type of business is done by the satisfaction of the customer, only the work done by you satisfactorily introduces you to the people, as well as you can advertise your shop by putting it on Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp group of your friends. You can grow your business using social media

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Whatsapp

Paper Bag Making Business

Paper bag business is a very successful and income generating business in low cost and high profit business ideas. The use and operation of paper bags has grown very fast in the country ever since the government has banned the use of polythene paper bags. The use has increased rapidly. Paper bags are eco-friendly. There is no harm in using them.

In this, if you want to do the business of making paper bags, then this business earns you more profit in less cost. Paper bags are used in all shops, shopping malls etc. for shopping items, food items, medicines, ornaments. In packing, the form of carry bags is very much in the packing of clothes etc.

Paper Bag Machine Price

Paper bag machine is required to do paper bag business on a large scale, there are two types of machines in it.

  • Automatic Machine 5 to 8 Lakh (Approx)
  • Semi Automatic Machine Rs.3 lakh (approx.)

Paper Bag Making Automatic Machine

This machine is fully automatic, which makes about 15000 paper bag pieces in an hour, the price of this machine ranges from 5 to 8 lakhs. gets fulfilled.

Paper Bag Making Semi Automatic Machine

Instead of a full automatic machine, this machine makes paper bags in large quantities. Printing work is also done in this machine, the price of this machine in the market is about 3 lakh rupees.

where to buy machine for paper bag business

Paper Bag Machine (Amazon)

Documents For Paper Bag Business

  • License from Muncipalti
  • Registration with Registrar of Companies
  • trade license
  • GST Registration
  • Filing from CA

How to Start Paper Bag Business From Home

To do paper bag business from your home, you need to have extra room for making paper bags and store in the house for the same purpose. If your house is near the market, then it is convenient to bring raw materials and go to the finished goods. To work from home, you will have to get its license from the municipality

You should also get your product registered. While working at home, you can take the help of your family members in making paper bags and other works. You can also get government support for registering in government schemes as a small scale industry. You can also take a loan from the bank for this business.

If you want to do business on big star then you have to register your product in Registrar of Companies. For this business you have to make logo of your product. Trade license GST registration will also be required for this. There will be a banani, so that the account of your transaction details, tax etc. is maintained regularly.

How To Make Paper Bag

The process of making paper bags is very easy. Paper bag making machine does all the work from paper bag making to logo printing. For this, first you should go to any paper bag making project and get to know it properly. So that you can use your raw material properly while making paper bags

To make paper bags, the paper roll is first put on the paper bag machine. After this, glue and printing ink are put in the machine. The work of glue is to stick the paper properly in making paper bags and most of the customers want to print their logo on the paper bag. For which the printing ink is printed on the paper bag. used to print

After this setting is done in the machine in which the number and size of the paper bag is marked. Then the command is given to the machine, when the machine starts, the paper bag is cut according to its size.

The logo is printed on the paper and the paper takes the shape of its paper bag by sticking to the glue. The paper bag is formed and printed and comes out. gets ready

Business Ideas FAQ’s

What is the raw material required for making paper bags?

Paper rolls, glue, printing ink, bag handles, etc., mainly used for making paper bags.

What is the minimum space required for paper bag business?

1000 square feet

Where to register for paper bag business on small and big scale?

To work on a small scale or at home, license and registration has to be obtained from Muncipalty and for large scale business, registration and trade license has to be taken from the Registrar of Companies.

What is the effect of the right business idea (Effects Of Business Ideas)

Due to not getting the right guidance, people get frustrated and leave thinking about doing their own business. We will learn this about business ideas which require least cost

If you have even a little knowledge in any field or you wish to increase your knowledge and do your own business. Then these business ideas are going to prove to be very good for you to earn livelihood for life. You can start your own business by adopting any of these business ideas.

No business in the world is small or big. Neither any business is good or bad. To be successful in any business, the will power, determination, and continuous use of your experiences in business is the mantra of success in business.

What is the Importance of Experience in Business

Those who are successful in their business should make continuous efforts to know about their work, behavior, and business skills, because the biggest teacher in life is considered to be the experience of the person.

Before starting any business, it is important to know its specifics about that business. keep climbing too

If you do any business, then it is very important that you must incorporate modern technology along with traditional methods in your business.

In this blog, we will learn about those business ideas which require the least cost and you can earn a lot.

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