Earn from ATM Business Franchise

If you want to earn money sitting at home and are thinking of starting your own business or you are planning your extra income, then we have brought you the best business idea to do business sitting at home.

With which you can easily earn 50 thousand rupees a month, this is an ATM franchise business, from which you can easily earn good money by investing very little cost.

How To Start ATM Franchise Business

All banks take applications from people to install their ATMs. Banks never install ATMs on their own. She inspires people to install ATMs through her advertisements.

Whenever any interested person comes in contact with the representatives of these companies, then the company representatives provide information to the people about the necessary conditions and necessary rules etc. Lets you also ATM franchisee can earn a lot of regular income.

Most of the ATM companies have almost the same terms and conditions, only a few terms and conditions differ

Conditions for taking SBI ATM Franchise (SBI Franchise Registration)

A person willing to take sbi atm franchise has to comply with some prescribed conditions, if these necessary conditions are fully complied with, then the eligibility for sbi atm franchise is considered
For SBI Atm Franchise, you need to have 50 to 80 square feet space. And there should be parking space in front of it.
The minimum distance from this proposed ATM to any other ATM should be 100 meters.
The location of ATM should be on the ground floor and it should be clearly visible from outside
There should be a one kilowatt electricity connection at the place of ATM and the power supply should be 24 hours.
Where the SBI ATM is to be installed, there should be a concrete pucca roof
No Objection Certificate NOC from society or authority so that V set can be installed for ATM

How To Apply For SBI Atm Franchise
For SBI ATM Franchisee, you can apply online by visiting the official website to the company prescribed by SBI Bank, for this, personal details have to be sent on the website. Photo of the ATM installation location has to be uploaded along with this form. A 35 second video of the ATM’s location has to be uploaded from

Most of the banks in India have given contact to install ATMs with Muthoot Atm, India One Atm & Tata indicash companies. To contact these companies, you can visit their official website.

Cost of ATM Franchise Business (ATM Franchise Business Investment)

All ATM companies deposit different deposit amount to give their franchise, this amount is refundable and apart from this the working capital amount is different like Tata Indicash is the largest and oldest company of ATM, this company is Rs 2 lakh.

Here the company takes ₹ 2,00,000 security deposit and deposits ₹ 3,00,000 working capital i.e. total investment of 5,00,000 for ATM Franchisee Working capital is the amount when the ATM runs out of cash, the bank is barred from the bank. Once you have to withdraw money and deposit money in your current account, the bank deposits money in your current account. And you have to withdraw money and deposit it in an ATM. Is

Earning from ATM Franchise Business (ATM Business Profit)

All Bank ATM Franchisees have different income depending on their terms and condition. Normally SVI ATM Franchisee gets ₹8 per cash transaction and ₹2 per non-cash transaction if there are 300 transactions daily from ATM,

In which 200 cash transactions and 100 non case transactions, then ₹ 1800 is made i.e. 54000 rs monthly and if 500 transactions per day then this amount can be up to ₹ 90,000 monthly. Return on investment is up to 35-40 percent on annual basis.

Maintenance of ATM

Apart from this, you have to see the ATM operation work when the ATM starts. Electricity bill, carpenter work, house keeping and cleaning is your responsibility, whose lock in period is 1 year, before 1 year if the ATM is closed due to any reason. if it happens ₹ 1,00,000 is deducted from you as penalty

Why do people prefer to rent out their shop to install an ATM?

Any bank enters into a lease agreement to install an ATM at a shop or place, which is for a fixed number of years. It is usually renewed in three to five years, in which all the terms and conditions of rent, rent, increase in details are written in writing.

Installing an ATM provides regular income for a certain number of years, so most of the people opt for ATM.

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