All about marriages and their types

About Marriage

Following are the detailed information about everything about marriages and their types.

The word ‘marriage’ means to take the bride specially from her father’s house or to take her for some special work i.e. to make a wife. Many words are also prevalent in Sanskrit literature, such as Udvaha, Parinay, Upayam, Panigrahan etc. ‘Udvah’ means to take the bride from her father’s house. The meaning of ‘Parinay’ is to revolve around the fire. The meaning of ‘Upayam’ is to bring someone near and make oneself and ‘Panigrahan’ means to accept the hand of the bride.

Types of Marriages-

From the Vedic period to the Sutra period, eight types of marriage systems had developed in India. Which are as follows-

(1) Brahma Vivah

In this, the father used to find a suitable groom for his daughter and methodically handed over his daughter to him, no object was taken from the groom. It was considered the best in all marriage systems.

(2) Divine Marriage

In this, the father used to marry his daughter with him after being influenced by the qualities and abilities of the priest who performed the yajna.

(3) Arsha Vivah

In this marriage system, the father of the girl used to marry the girl by taking a cow and bull from the groom’s side. This system was in a way based on buying and selling.

(4) Prajapatya Vivah

This marriage system is similar to Brahma marriage. Under the system, the bride was donated after worshiping the bridegroom and the bride and groom were instructed that both of them should practice together for life in the householder’s life.

(5) Gandharva Vivah

In today’s era, we can also call it love marriage. When a young man and a girl get married by mutual love and neglect their parents, then this system is called Gandharva Vivah.

(6) Asur marriage

In this type of marriage system, there is primacy of buying and selling. When the parents of the girl child take money from the groom in return for providing the girl, it is called asura marriage.

(7) Rakshasa marriage

According to Manu, bringing the girl’s side by killing or injuring them, breaking the door of the house, and forcibly kidnapping a crying girl is called Rakshasa marriage.

(8) Paishach marriage

Marriage is with the lowest order of the eight systems of marriage. Under this, when a sleeping, unconscious, lunatic, drowsy, frantic, drank or mixed girl adopts a girl who has sex with her forcibly, then it is called Paishach marriage. Theologians have also considered it to be extremely heinous, unrighteous and blasphemous.

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